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The staff of Care Choices played a critical role in the last couple of years of my

   aunt’s life. The care they provided was always of the highest standard, professional,

   and heartfelt.  They always treated my aunt with a smile, gave her the time she needed

   to share, and listened to her stories of years gone by.  Care Choices staff were

   with my aunt through times when she was in relatively good condition, and they were

   with her when she was very frail, helping her maintain her independence at home as

   long as possible.  In the end stages of my aunt’s life, several of the care providers

   who knew my aunt the best were with her during her final moments.  The support they

   provided to my aunt and my family will never be forgotten.  -Catherine

My parents have had the opportunity of having Care Choices for their own personal

   care, for 5 years now. They offer full care to my Mother at present, which is 8 hours

   of home care - light housekeeping, making meals, driving her to and from appointments,

   banking, buying groceries, etc.. The staff are very good to Mom and she enjoys having

   them around. Not only do they assist her in whatever she needs, they are good company

   as well, someone to chat with on a general basis. Care Choices have enabled my Mother

   to live in her own home and be comfortable there. Having the option of staying in

   their own home is very important to Seniors today.  -Sharon

Your care and concern over the years and the comfort given Dad in his last days were

   a valued gift for which I will always be grateful.  You made my life so much easier

   as well as his.  -Joan

I certainly would feel remiss if I did not personally attempt to express my sincere

   thanks to you for your professional capable services to and for me, when I contacted

   you.   Your care giver was so efficient and certainly went beyond the call of duty,

   again, to and for me, at my time of need.  A member of the family couldn’t have been

   any more loyal, thoughtful and capable from every aspect than she was.  I’m certain

   you must be proud of her services as one of your employees.  -Virginia

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