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  Personalized Home Care Services

Care Choices, Straight from the Heart, was founded by

Awilda “Billy” MacCready in the spring of 1994.  Billy was a fierce advocate for the delivery of quality home care.  She was a compassionate woman who wanted people to stay in their own homes, healthy and happy, for as long as possible.

From personal experience she knew the pain and stress of caring and worrying about a loved one and felt privileged to be able to provide care and support for families and individuals.

Despite being diagnosed in 1998 with cancer, Billy continued to do her best for her clients and employees until the last few months.  After Billy’s passing in the Spring of 2001, her daughter and then followed  by 2 former employees, took over Care Choices until the company was purchased in Spring 2006 by Donna Currie, who had been the companies bookkeeper since winter of 1995.

June 1, 2014, Gayle Levy, the companies Administrator since fall 2011, purchased Care Choices Inc., from Donna, to ensure that quality home care can continue to be provided to all our clients and families while keeping our clients safe, healthy and happy in their homes for as long as possible.

And so it continues!  All because one woman was brave enough and caring enough to want better care for those who could not care for themselves.  Billy has given us a proud legacy.

Gayle Levy